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Words in Motion was set up a decade ago in response to the huge gap between what agencies thought clients 'wanted' and what clients said they 'needed'. This gulf extended to the media with editors and journalists being bombarded with generic, bland and uninformed material. Clients were treated as commodities and the media with contempt.

Our success begins by recognising that business is conducted between people!

With a personal approach to B2B communication, our relationship with our clients and media contacts is paramount. Our in-depth technology and market knowledge ensures our commitment to understanding your business and your objectives is matched by our ability to successfully communicate these for you. And, with years of freelance journalist experience including over 3 years as an associate Editor, we know exactly how best to present this to the media to get the coverage you need.

Words in Motion has 10 years success delivering results and offers:-
   • A proven, conscientious attitude to delivering value for money and solid results
   • A commitment to working at all times with honesty, fairness and integrity
   • Proven, in-depth knowledge of technology, manufacturing and manufacturing IT
   • Genuine international experience of communicating in different countries & cultures
   • Proven expertise of conveying complex messages clearly and effectively
   • Real world editorial experience - we write for the media as well as for our clients
   • Respected and demonstrable media relations at journalist, editor and publisher level
Communication begins with a conversation.
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