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You have something terrific to say - but will 'they' ever hear it?

'They' being the customers and prospects at the end of the chain of communication that begins with you and goes via your marketing team, PR agency and your target media.
The right agency should work seamlessly with the correct media and provide an invaluable interface between what you want to say and how your target audience needs to hear it.

Here's how it usually works, or doesn't.
In practice however, this often becomes like a game of Chinese whispers that begins with an impersonal agency that sees you as just A.N. Other Client. They don't understand your technology/product, what you're trying to say, and how your audience needs to hear it. Any message they develop and communicate to the media will in turn be ill informed and uninspiring. At best, the media will be unmotivated - at worst, unresponsive.
Either way, your message doesn't get through.

Words in Motion has 10 years success in getting it right:-
   • Working in the US, UK and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
   • In all areas of Manufacturing, Technology and Manufacturing Technology
   • Covering all areas of general manufacturing/engineering across most vertical sectors
   • Trusted media contacts at every level with extensive editorial/journalist experience
   • With clients from niche specialist solution providers through to global brands including
     Microsoft, Preactor, Infor, Epicor, and Associated British Foods

Bringing a truly personal approach to B2B marketing communications.

Communication begins with a conversation.
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